Řetězový příbeh

Během listopadu starší žáci našeho centra kolektivně tvořili „řetězový“ příběh, který si přeposílali pomocí e-mailových zpráv. Níže se můžete podívat na výsledek. Hlavními hrdiny jsou chlapec James a jeho myšák Ray.


1.Ray ran off James‘ shoulder- he smelt something delicious to eat.
2. „Where are you going?“ asked James.
3.“ I’m going to the school cafeteria to eat sirloin in sauce with dumplings“Ray said
4- „But mice don’t eat sirlon in sauce with dumplings!“ opposed James, despite this Ray left.
5. At that moment James started to chase the mouse.
6. But Ray hid in James‘ bag with parkour clothes.
7. James couldn’t find him so he went to the school cafeteria.
8. When James came there the mouse jumped out of the bag.
9. James was trying to catch the mouse.
10. The mouse ran away and James said „I will send you to GULAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“
11. When the mouse heard James he speeded up and disappeared in kitchen. James was looking for the mouse thinking Ray was in the fridge.
12. James found another mouse in the fridge next to the cheese on the top shelf. But it wasn’t Ray it was Pucca but James wasn’t aware of that.
13. He saw the mouse then took her home.
14. Ray was sad, because he thought that James forgot him in the kitchen. So he started to cry and he didn’t notice that a cat appeared.
15. The cat jumped to him but Ray escaped.
16. While James was eating, he noticed that there is something strange about Ray.
17. He realised the mouse is not Ray so he called his uncle and told him to buy him a new mouse.
18. Ray was scared so he decided to go home where he met the beautiful mouse Pucca.
19. Ray decided to propose Pucca and she said yes and two months later they had fifty baby mice.
20. Happy end.